Nostalgia Notepad



Comes in two variety: OG color (blue) and light purple. The colors are not too far off, but noticeable when you compare side to side!

Dimension: 4.25″ x 5.5″

Notepad features:

  • 50 page
  • Priority: where you will write your main goals to accomplish that day
  • To-do: all the tasks that you would like to accomplish that day
  • Schedule: a time-free schedule where you will be able to plan each hour of your day
  • Notes: For any other miscellaneous thoughts to jot down


  • Grade A: Near-to-no imperfections. There may be a black dot due to the nature of the paper.
  • Grade B: Barely noticeable imperfections which can include discoloration, slight black ink splatters, and dents. However, it is completely usable, just not up to Grade A standard.
  • Grade C: Noticeable imperfections such as discoloration, dents, heavy back ink splatters.


  • Within the US: Estimated 2 business days – 1 to 2 weeks due to Covid-19.
  • International: Estimated to around 1 – 3 business weeks (depending on region)

Additional Information

  • Colors may differ slightly in real life.
  • Please read out FAQ for additional information on refunds, replacement, and standard shipping.

If there are any other questions or concerns that you may have, please feel free to reach out!