Positivi-tea Enamel Pin

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For all boba lovers! Let’s sip on our boba with some “positivi-tea”


Product Information

Size: 33mm x 38mm

Grade A: 
Top quality! May be a dot of gold plate, but it is within normal range.

Grade B:
Noticeable marks, but still appealing (limited)

Durability varies based on environment and usage.


  • Within the US: Estimated 2 business days – 1 to 2 weeks due to Covid-19 and holiday seasons.
  • International: Estimated to around 1 – 3 business weeks (depending on region)

Additional Information

  • Colors may differ slightly in real life.
  • Please read out FAQ for additional information on refunds, replacement, and standard shipping.

Additional Information when applying sticker: Please make sure to completely attach the sticker to your desired object. If not, this can lead to water seeping underneath causing the sticker adhesive to come off. Please do not apply stickers on abnormal surfaces as it may decrease the chances of sticking effectively. Please do not submerge stickers for a long period of time to ensure a longer life span.